Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meeting: Mark Supal (MMSTC / Rnewable Energy Institute)

Meeting date: Friday, October 31, 2008 5:45AM (Burger King)


Review: Letter of Intent and Our Response

Determine: Programatic Design Elements (intellectual buy-in)
  • Student-Centric
  • Project-Based
  • Multidisciplinary Inquiry and Team-Based Explorations

E-mail Notes (Dave Walsh)

Traditionally, when developing a business partner, I present to our Board the answers to two important partnership questions:
1. By forming this partnership, what benefits can the business partner offer Warren Consolidated Schools?
2. By forming this partnership, what benefits can the business receive by working with Warren Consolidated Schools?
I was hoping that you might provide some thoughts on these two questions as I prepare to review this partnership with our Board of Education on November 5th.
Here are some examples - Southern Exposure can provide: expertise and assistance in developing K-12 curriculum. Southern Exposure could provide expertise with guest speakers or have contacts of individuals who can ask as guest speakers, Southern Exposure can assist in the development of grant opportunities, Southern Exposure can provide additional contacts in the area of renewable energy, which would assist the district. Southern Exposure can work directly with school clubs regarding renewable energy education and opportunities, etc.
Warren Consolidated Schools can provide an educational setting for collecting data regarding renewable energy. Warren Consolidated Schools can provide tours to other districts and agencies interested in our renewable energy program. Warren Consolidated Schools can prepare an educated work force for future employment in the field of renewable energy. Warren Consolidated Schools can be a test site in the development of new products

Southern Exposure endeavors to support the WCS Renewable Energy Institute and will gladly serve and faciliate the creation of the above mentioned initiatives as well as actively solicit addtional business, industry and government partners to form a substanial base of "green business" expertise from which to grow dynamic real-world relationships on behalf of the students, teachers and citizens of the Warren Consolidated Schools district.

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