Monday, August 18, 2008

Windspire Update

I spoke with Mr. Casey Sobczak today regarding approximate installation date for Windspire Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Subsequent call to Mariah Powers Bob Holland revealed that with a deposit check in the next two weeks that they would reserve a unit to be delivered sometime close to the middle October. Clarified what the request for a letter of intent was about. The meaning of the letter of intent from Warren Consolidated School District is simply to transparently demonstrate to the world that the School District is actively pursuing opportunities to integrate Renewable Energy Technologies in the day to day operations of the school district. This of course being an organization dedicated to the support of learning and teaching would integrate these technologies into both the curriculum and as active components in facilities energy management systems. DTE Energy has been notified of the proposal to install this unit and various individuals from that company have voiced interest in helping to smooth the process of interconnection. The Interconnection agreement for a small generator such as the Windspire is a two page document and a $100 processing fee.
Having attended Warren Consolidated schools as a student I am especially proud to work with them in leading the State of Michigan into the "21st Century Green Economy". School is starting soon and everyone "involved" is curious as to how the students will view these new developments at their school and what new ideas this machine will spark within their creative imaginings.
Jim Bates
Southern Exposure R.E.C.


Jim Ross said...


Thanks for the Letter of Understanding clarification.



JimB said...

Your welcome James. I am planning on this design studio opening up in the next couple of weeks and am actually eagerly anticapating working with our newly hired and esteemed colleagues the 9-12th graders... Jim